Do Not Sell Or Share Request

Residents of some of the states have the right to choose not to sell or share their personal information as has been already described in our Privacy Policy,

In case they decide not to sell or share their personal information to third parties, we shall refrain from doing so and shall follow all procedures as per law to ensure that all third parties to whom we have sold or shared your personal information are clued-up about your choice of not selling or sharing your personal information to third parties.

All those who want to opt out of selling or sharing their personal information are requested to fill out the form provided below. We shall at our end try to honor our commitment at the earliest however, we request the to allow us 15 days time to process their request.

Any authorized representative , requesting on behalf of a customer is required to provided a written and duly signed authorization letter from the customer or a legally valid Power Of Attorney which allows such representative to make this request. The documents can be sent to us via email at…… after submitting the opt out / do not sell or share request. We shall have the liberty to contact the customer to verify the authenticity of the Documents/request.

Do not Sell Or Share request can also be requested by calling 1-(619) 756-2199.

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