We Help You Choose The Ideal Home Service

Choose the perfect internet, TV, and bundle packages for your home.

Choose Only The Best Home Service

Why spend money on the wrong home service. You deserve internet service that doesn’t give up on you. Our team of experts helps you decide which provider you should go with based on your location, price, and needs.
Not just home internet service, but we also help you choose HD TV services, Home phone services, home security, and more. Get in touch with our team of home service consultants, and make smarter decisions about your home services needs.


High-Speed Internet

Choose from a huge range of 3,000 internet service providers, and enjoy seamless internet service. Download, upload, and stream unlimited content with high-speed internet services.


If you love to open a cold one and enjoy some good old-fashioned TV, then let us help you choose the right plan. Our team of experts will let you know which TV service is perfect for you.

Bundle Plans

Why pay more for services when you can combine and save money. Our team of experts is there to help you find available bundle plans in your area, and help you get exclusive discounts.

About Pacific Lynx

Pacific Lynx is paving the way for a new way of home service shopping with customer-focused consultation services. Incorporated in 2016, in San Diago ( California ) USA, we’ve been leading the way for tech-based services.

Since its inception, we’ve been constantly moving forward achieving one milestone after another. We’ve helped consumers from all over the world make smarter decisions about their home service shopping.

What makes us stand out is: